About Auto Auction Solutions, Inc.

Here are some reasons why we here at Auto Auction Solutions, Inc. feel that our products are the best on the market...

The Automated Auto Auction System is a complete auction management System with FULL functionality and "Drill-Down" capability. We provide complete software set-up and training, usually between your auctions so there is no interruption in your business. We do not try to trap you in long term "cell phone" like contracts that can cripple your bottom line when times are slow. We offer purchasing options to fit almost any situation and budget. There are no hidden fees or surprise charges after the install has started, just simple, straight forward, up-front pricing. We also provide the best customer support in the industry! Our Automated Auto Auction System is simply the best value out there hands down.
The Automated Auto Auction System is intuitive and easy to understand using common auction terminology on a familiar Windows platform. Large print and bright colorful screens make the Automated Auto Auction System easy for all employees to use the System. The System easily integrates with the most popular Accounting Software packages so in house and outside accountants can quickly plug in your information. Integration with most online services is as easy as pushing a button.
Simplicity doesn't mean you have to sacrifice capability. The Automated Auto Auction System gives you powerful tools to control every aspect of your auction. Customer registration and history, complete lot management (including Bank and Charity cars), delivery orders, website integration, on the block and in the office sales, reporting, accounting (both cash and accrual method), you name it the Automated Auto Auction System can easily handle it!
It is an uncertain world out there, and sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between a good deal and a mistake that will cost you plenty in the long run. With more than 60 auctions nationwide and in Canada currently using the Automated Auto Auction System, we count ourselves as one of the top solution providers for the auction industry. We are dedicated to the "long term" success of all our auctions. You can be sure that we WILL be there for your auction for many years to come.
We at Auto Auction Solutions, Inc. stand behind our products. We employ some of the most proficient programmers in the world... all in house ...all here in the good old U.S.A. So we know it is done right and fully tested before it is ever incorporated into our product! We also take great pride in the success of our auctions. In fact the saying around here is "If our customers are not successful, we are not successful"... and we like being successful! Our goal is to establish and maintain a TRUE working relationship with all of our customers, and we do our best to provide everything our customers need to manage and grow their business.
Customer Satisfaction!
We are one of the most trusted names in Auction Management Software, we got there by listening to your customers! Each auction has its own way of doing things, we understand that, and we develop our products to allow our customers to do business the way they need to do business. We continually review and work to improve our products for ALL our customers, large and small. Ask for a contact list, our customers are our sales force, and we have the best sales force in the industry.

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